"... Meticulous attention to the aesthetics..."

               Total strangers stop by to ask my wife and me who did the beautiful work on our home - the exterior painting, full windows replacement, roofing, the front walkway, laid out using hand picked irregular Pennsylvania slate stones, with meticulous attention to the aesthetics of Old World craftsmanship. The refinished front hardwood door with new brass fixtures is a work of art in itself. The man responsible for all of this is Lex Kisteneff, owner of Chrome Rhino. Perhaps the nicest aspect of our association is that we have become very close friends. My wife and I trust and recommend Lex unconditionally, both professionally and personally.

– Foster Osborne & Claudine Perney 

"... Amazing job..."

                    My wife and I called on Lex when we were nervous about purchasing a home that needed an additional bathroom to suit our needs, having never remodeled anything before.  Lex was able to tell us which bathroom locations would not work logistically, which had promise, and a rough estimate of what the expected cost would be.  With Lex’s reassurance, we closed on the house and consulted with him in great detail about the final configuration of the bathroom, which ultimately involved knocking a door through the wall of the master bedroom into a smaller bedroom, completely gutting the smaller room, and installing a double shower, stand-alone bath, water closet, two sinks, marble flooring, doors, and trim.  Lex did an amazing job with everything, particularly considering our relatively tight budget.  Lex is not only skilled at his craft, but is a creative thinker and was very responsive and open to discussing our ideas and giving his advice throughout the process.  We could not have asked for more, and have happily recommended Lex to our friends and will continue to do so.

– Matt & Sarah Myers

“… A skilled craftsman who delivered on time and under budget…”

            I bought a house in 2012 which required a major renovation in every room, including a new kitchen, master bedroom, and two bathrooms. After consulting with many contractors, I found Lex with Chrome Rhino. We clicked immediately and Lex was not only my contractor, but ultimately my trusted friend. Lex is a skilled craftsman who delivered my renovation on time and under budget, and is an artist who visualized colors and designs that transformed an old house into my home. Today I can go into every room of my home and see examples of Lex’s good work and fine craftsmanship throughout. In the years since my renovation I’ve used Chrome Rhino several times and will use Lex in the future when I build my new den and back porch.

– Gerry Dickinson

"... The whole process was seamless..."

             When we set out to begin our kitchen and bathroom remodel, we expected it to be filled with frustration, delays, and compromises.   After seeing the work Lex did at a friend's house, we decided to enlist his help.  I cannot say enough about how pleased we were with the work Lex did.  The whole process was seamless.  Lex is extremely detail-oriented and anticipated problems before they arose.  His communication was excellent and he updated us regularly through pictures, texts, emails, and face-to-face meetings.  The work was done in a timely manner and when the schedule needed to be adjusted, he always kept us in the loop.  The kitchen and bath turned out beautiful and the whole experience was wonderful.  I cannot recommend Lex and Chrome Rhino enough. I can't wait to have him start on our next project!

 –Catherine & John Griggs

"... The results are amazing..."

               We contacted Lex Kisteneff, owner of Chrome Rhino Construction, after seeing the exceptional work he did in our neighborhood. He also did difficult work on some family members older homes and everyone was delighted with the results. Lex is professional, gave us a written estimate, started on time and worked during some very warm temperatures. He completed on schedule, helped us with decisions on details, and transformed our dangerous, leaking laundry area into a beautiful, functional addition to our inside and outside living area.  We are so happy with our experience with Lex’s work, we would highly recommend Chrome Rhino to everyone needing remodeling.  It was a pleasure and the results are amazing.  Would love to show off his work to anyone. Thank you Lex!  

 – John & Lynn Martin

“… Uncanny knack to couple design with practical construction issues…”

             For many years now we have worked with Lex and his guys at Chrome Rhino. With each renovation and repair, we have been consistently pleased with the results. Lex has an uncanny knack to couple design with practical construction issues. He is a true problem solver and the quality of his work is superb. Several years ago he rebuilt our large master bath which was in a state of total disrepair. From the ground up he reframed and installed a new pier system, incorporated heated flooring, built custom cabinets, and finished with some beautiful tile work. Each step of the construction process was documented and explained to us in an academic manner and the cost of the project was uniformly transparent. Lex and his crew at Chrome Rhino have our unequivocal endorsement. We couldn’t be happier with the work they do. 

– Lorri & Dan Unumb

"... Pride in the work..."

             After having a less than stellar experience with a previous contractor when we renovated our home prior to moving in, I was pleasantly surprised when we met with Lex to discuss renovating our bathroom. He was transparent about the cost and the timeline for completion of the project, which included taking the room down to the studs. He was open to listening to our ideas for the room and realistic about how much those ideas would cost in terms of labor and materials. Lex kept us updated throughout the process, being in constant communication, and even finished the project prior to the timeline he originally anticipated. The subcontractors he worked with were of the highest quality. Lex takes pride in the work he takes on and it shows not only in the completed product, but also in the way he handles the project throughout. Anytime someone asks for a recommendation for a contractor I always direct them towards Lex and Chrome Rhino.

– Elizabeth & John Codega

“…Beautiful and beyond anything we imagined…”

             Our old leaking basement was quickly becoming a major problem. Lex was recommended by a friend to come take a look. Lex analyzed and repaired the problem areas and supervised the moving of HVAC and electrical lines, new gutter installation and landscape grading. Our 70 year old basement has not leaked a drop since. Following the success of the basement project we then contracted with Lex to build a detached studio in the back yard. The design is beautiful and beyond anything we imagined. The construction and foundation are first rate. Lex is our main source for repairs, renovation and construction.

–Ed B.

"... One of the best general contractors..."

       Lex designed and built from scratch an absolutely charming and completely functional shed garage for my garden. He was able to emulate the design of my home so that the garage looked identical in style. It’s really remarkable. It looks like a little house in the woods. It couldn’t be better built. It was a joy to have the work done and see things go up. Lex is one of the best general contractors I have ever worked with.

 – Elvie Baker

"... Quality of the work by Chrome Rhino is consistently outstanding..." 

             I have consulted with Lex Kisteneff of Chrome Rhino Construction on a multitude of home repair and remodeling projects in the Rosewood and Shandon Neighborhoods of Columbia, SC, and have hired him for all projects that I’ve pursued. Lex is consistent in his delivery of professionalism in all aspects his work and product.  Lex’s nature is easy-going, kind, and thoughtful. He is readily available by phone, email, and text and maintains regular, fluid contact and conversation throughout the lifecycle of construction projects. Lex is careful to set realistic expectations regarding scope, timeline, cost, and delivery of work from initial assessment through completion. His communication and documentation is thorough, comprehensive, and easily understood. Lex never fails to meet project milestones or revise interim deliverables when needed in advance of expectations. The quality of the work by Chrome Rhino is consistently outstanding and always reflects care and solid craftsmanship. In addition to the creation of beautiful home spaces and improvements, the Chrome Rhino work space is always left neat and orderly, even when work is in flight!  Every completed job is guaranteed with a promise to revisit if issues ever arise. There never are any. I will continue to work with and recommend Lex Kisteneff and Chrome Rhino Construction now and in the future.   

 – Heidi Conte 

"... Fantastic work..."

                Lex is the anti-contractor. He actually does what he says he's going to do. His ability to communicate is superb. He asks me the right questions to understand the true scope of the job. Oh, and he also does fantastic work. I provide him with what I'm looking to have done and let him have at it. I am extremely leery of recommending anyone, especially contractors, to friends or family. I would have no hesitations with Chrome Rhino. I would highly recommend Lex anyone who wants A+ work with a great service experience to boot." 

– Will Gaston

“… One of the most skilled and knowledgeable general contractors…”

            This past year Lex, the owner of Chrome Rhino, and his team replaced the entire envelope of our house: doors, windows, entrances, etc. They also expanded the front entrance way of our home, creating a small addition of sorts that allows us to maximize existing space. We are detail and design-oriented customers who know what we’re looking for. Lex was an invaluable sounding board throughout the process, bridging our vision with actual construction techniques and materials. We enthusiastically recommend Chrome Rhino and Lex. He is patient, diligent, fastidious, responsive, and based on our many experiences one of the most skilled and knowledgeable general contractors working in Columbia.

– Sien & Bryant

".... I did not realize how rare Chrome Rhino is... "

             I had known Lex as a friend and neighbor for several years before starting renovations on my home. I did not get bids from anyone else - I trusted him, admired the work he completed on other houses, and did not want to waste my time or anyone else's. Lex is honest, has a strong work ethic, and is very skilled. I depended on Lex for design recommendations as he has excellent taste. I had great respect for Lex before this project that we did together but even more so after. I did not realize how rare Chrome Rhino is until I later moved to another state and worked with other builders and contractors. I would not hesitate to recommend Lex and Chrome Rhino to someone considering renovations or construction; you will have no regrets before, during, or after!

– Janet Spearman

"... So impressed with the work..."

             We had the pleasure of working with Lex Kisteneff, owner of Chrome Rhino Construction, for the remodel of our kitchen in a 1930's Shandon bungalow. Lex was personable, reliable, and easy to communicate with. Unlike many contractors we have worked with, he was always responsive to emails and phone inquiries. He was resourceful and patient with us while determining the best design choices for our kitchen, giving honest and knowledgeable feedback on our ideas.

             We are so impressed with the work Lex did in our kitchen! Instead of installing new cabinets, he refaced our original cabinets and installed new custom doors. Our older home has less-than-square corners and many other imperfections, but Lex handled these issues deftly resulting in beautifully renovated cabinets. We had a complete renovation including new counter tops, the removal of a wall and chimney, new lighting and rewiring.  We were pleased with the subcontractors hired by Lex and were confident in his ability to manage them. If you are looking for a general contractor who will carefully consider all of your concerns, complete the job with expert skill and knowledge, and maintain open communication with you throughout the project, then I give Chrome Rhino Construction my highest recommendation.  

– Maureen & Matthew Petkewich 

“… Innovative problem solving and attention to detail…”

              We have known Lex Kisteneff since he began his business Chrome Rhino and can personally attest to his honesty, craftsmanship, innovative problem-solving and attention to detail. When we have a house issue or project, we rely on Lex. He has transformed our home with new flooring, chimney repair, foundation fortification, and a complete remodel of our downstairs bathroom. His approach to each project is thoughtfully planned and executed. His prices are fair and accountable. If there is something that we need on a smaller scale, he has extensive verified contacts that he can refer us to if he himself is unavailable. We trust Lex and rely on him to protect our home investment.

– Lisa Maseng & Richard White

"... Very professional and very pleasant... "

            Lex Kisteneff did a complete rehab of a full bath for us.  He was very professional and very pleasant to deal with at all times. From the beginning, with a clear estimate and then a complete and accurate contract, we knew exactly what to expect. And Lex completed the project on time and at the contracted price. The rehab included a complete demolition of the floor, walls, and shower, then installation of a new shower, drywall, floor tile, vanity and sink, and all associated plumbing and electrical work. He assisted us in picking colors, and used a very good epoxy tile grout that promises a long, maintenance free life.  Thank you Lex for your excellent work for us.

– Mark Gredler

"... Attention to detail..."

            Lex has worked on large and small projects in our house and we’ve always been happy with his work. His attention to detail ensures a long-lasting quality result. He’s courteous, cleans up everything, and gets the work done on time. We really appreciated his detailed estimates, expert advice, and would definitely hire him again for future projects.

– Jon & Jessica Artz

"... A perfectionist..."

            About five years ago Lex revived my front door. I had a leaking  problem, the sill needed work, the sidelights on either of the door were falling apart, and I needed new hand rails. Lex came by, told me what he thought needed to be done, gave me a very reasonable quote. He also made some suggestions about the side porch, gave me a quote and we did that too.  I found Lex to be a very exacting contractor...in other words he's a perfectionist. It's not done until he thinks it's done.

            Come forward five years and my bathroom was falling apart. He came by, asked me what I wanted done. I told him what I thought I wanted. He had some suggestions. It did take a little longer to totally redo the bathroom, floor to ceiling, but he ran into some problems he had to fix first. I absolutely love my new bathroom with its walk-in shower, chair height toilet and new vanity with a big mirror. I can't say enough about how easy it is to work with Lex and the subs that he brings in. I know when Lex does the work, it will be done correctly the first time. I would highly recommend him for any project that you might have in mind. I know I'm already thinking about what I want Lex to do next at my house.

– Gaye Besley

“… A highly skilled carpenter and remodeler…”

            I’ve known Lex and his Chrome Rhino crews for years. He is a highly skilled carpenter and remodeler. He did a complete exterior facelift of my house, which included many carpentry and roofing repairs and a premium paint job. The result was absolutely fantastic. It's like a brand new home.  Lex also renovated my bathroom. To this day, I am still very happy with the work. He and his guys did a superb job. Not only would I recommend Lex to my friends (which I have) but I would happily call on him to do all of my remodeling. In fact, once I've set aside little more money, I am thinking of a kitchen remodel.

– Karen Maloney

"... The ideal contractor..." 

            Lex is the ideal contractor for our purposes. A little context to put this in perspective: we know just enough about home repairs and renovation to be dangerous, and too little to do most of the design and work well ourselves. Plus, we have somewhat picky tastes for our once-dilapidated 100-year old shotgun house whose character and original aspects we are trying to preserve as much as possible while updating to our more modern sensibilities. Plus, we can be a little slow to make some decisions, for fear of making the wrong ones. Plus, we don't want to sink too much money into our house knowing well that we won't get it back, at least financially speaking. In a nutshell, I think we're probably not an ideal customer for most contractors. We want good, fast, and reasonably cheap, which violates the universal rule of craftsmanship. Did I mention we were picky, and can drag our feet a little?

            Somehow, Lex managed to deal with these challenging constraints and deliver wonderfully. He involved us in every step of the repair and renovation of our project (back porch and deck plus a few odds and ends so far), and went to great lengths to detail our options (we're talking many hours of emails for a reasonably small set of projects). He gave us his recommendations, but laid out many options, and kindly abided when our stylistic choices deviated from his. He works diligently, thoroughly and dependably, and is a very easy person to speak and work with. His craftsmanship is solid, and he pays close attention to detail. He worries about the most minute aspects of the job (including some that aren't anywhere close to our radar). He's been very willing to offer advice and guidance for work we feel comfortable pursuing ourselves (and which are probably taking business from him). He's willing to find creative solutions to our problems. I wish all business interactions could be as good as those we've had with Lex. Needless to say, we recommend him highly. 

– Dave Barbaeu & Amy Moragues

"... Honest, hard-working and just great to work with... "

         We own an older house in the Rosewood area. These houses are very hard to maintain and make changes in.  We have used Lex on several of our house projects. He is always honest, hard-working and just great to work with. Moreover, all the projects he has done for us have come in on time and under budget. Over the years he's done many repairs and upgrades for us and our old home. We originally found him through the Shandon Neighborhood Facebook page. Since, we've recommended him to all our family and friends who need a skilled general contractor. He does it all - tile, carpentry, flooring, windows, doors, elaborate renovations and new construction. It is a pleasure to endorse him and his work. We cannot recommend Lex higher, and would feel comfortable recommending him to anyone.

– Sarah & Bob Ricker

"... No reluctance in recommending Chrome Rhino..."

             I hired Chrome Rhino Construction to replace water-damaged siding on the chimney of my house. Each step of the work was explained to me, and the work was done efficiently. After the work began, it was discovered that the framing of the chimney was not up to code. This problem also was carefully explained to me, and the repairs were made before the siding was replaced. I am quite pleased with how quickly all of the work was done and how it now makes my house look. I have no reluctance in recommending Chrome Rhino Construction to others who need home repairs.

– Bill Clendenin 

“…Expert quality…”

             Our highest recommendation goes to Lex Kisteneff and Chrome Rhino Construction! We have employed him for several home projects in the past few years.  From prep to clean-up, Lex follows a strict work ethic. He provides an honest estimate and exact accounting. He is focused, wastes no time, and is always pleasant and approachable. We have benefited from his wide range of skills including: custom designing and building a ramp to accommodate a wheelchair’s entrance into a formal living room; replacing a window and surrounding trim that required customizing for non-standard openings in a 1950’s brick home; and expertly repairing a water-damaged plaster foyer ceiling. With Chrome Rhino you are assured of expert quality.

 – Regina & Bill Moody