Do you charge for estimates?

Generally, no. We have an enormous range of experience that allows us to quickly interpret what it will take to complete your project. However, in rare cases for complex renovations or new construction projects, we do sometimes charge an hourly rate to tee the project up. This work is organized in a separate pre-construction planning and consulting agreement. The bulk of this cost is credited back to the client if we are contracted to complete the project.  

Do you help with the design process?

Absolutely. This is one of the most pleasurable aspects of the construction process and we're flattered to be a part of it. When you hire us, you get the entire design and construction package. At each step of the way, we provide our insight on design and material decisions, if you so desire. Our experience is that a sounding board proves very useful and helps you better express your vision. And if you have your own designer, we are delighted to work with him or her. 

What's your turnaround like?

This really depends on the dollar value and complexity of the project. Generally though, we're pretty quick. For renovations, we're about 4-6 weeks out. For additions, about 6-10 weeks. New construction, about 2-4 months out. And repairs under $5K, we can get to it in about 2 weeks or so.

What is your cost per square foot? 

This really depends. We are not your average builder and we are not in this business to do average or mediocre work. This said, new construction projects can run from $120 per square foot upwards of $200-plus per square foot. For renovations - bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, etc. - the costs range immensely. So, again, it just depends. 

We're interested in a renovation. Will there be lots of strangers coming through the house?

Unequivocally, no. We're in this for long-haul and have built strong, professional relationships over the past 12 years. Every contractor that works with Chrome Rhino has been with us for at least 8 years. In fact, with some trades, we have never changed sub contractors. Turnover is almost nonexistent at Chrome Rhino. 

Do you do fixed bids?

You bet. In fact, every formal quote is a fixed bid. This said, for renovations, our quotes, like most builders, include a clause for unforeseen site conditions. We are highly experienced contractors and the overwhelming majority of the time our renovation projects come in right on budget. However, occasionally we encounter unforeseeable damage that necessitates additional work. In these circumstances, we quote in the most equitable manner to cover costs because our profit margin has already been built into the original bid.

Can  you build custom cabinets?

Yes. We have a range of options from modest products to intricate and very high-end. Some of these we build in-house and others we design and fabricate with tradespeople who are solely in the business of cabinet making. We also make custom vanities in-house to best maximize existing bathrooms in remodel projects. 

We want to change out our kitchen counters. Can you recommend someone?

Hands down, we recommend Micalline Products / (803) 783-5110 for all your custom sinks and countertops. They have the best selection of natural and fabricated stone in South Carolina. And their customer service is top-notch. 

Do you have land we could build on with you?

Yes. Land holdings naturally change throughout the course of the year so please inquire. 

Can you recommend an electrician? 

For over 12 years we have worked with Easy Electrical Solutions / (803) 309-4362. They are one of the best electrical teams in the Midlands. Expert work and superb customer service. 

Can you recommend a plumber? 

Sooner Plumbing / (803) 600-5098 is one of the best plumbers in the Midlands. We also have worked with them for over 12 years. They can solve any plumbing issue or can re-plumb your entire house if need be. 

Do you do small repairs?

Every week of the year we make repairs. We pride ourselves on the details and little stuff. We love repairs of any kind. For our business, repair work is a great way to fill slots throughout the course of the year between our renovations and new construction projects. And if we feel we're not the right contractor for the repair, we can always recommend someone qualified. Currently, because of demand, we are only able to do repair work in the general Columbia area. 

What payment methods do you take?

We accept check and every major credit card. Cash payments receive a 4-7% discount depending on the nature of the project. We also offer financing on a 6-9 month schedule at very competitive rates. Please inquire for further details.